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Ken O'Hara: Artist


Style: In my landscapes my style ranges from the impressionistic to a more realistic interpretation, depending on the subject matter or mood. My portraits often portray an essence of the person either by showing more than one aspect of their character or by contrasting young and old, giving a sense of their journey.


Influence: The influences for my landscapes are the impressionists and their use of light and texture. For my portraiture, I look to Lucian Freud and Stuart Pearson Wright and their use of colour and shadow. I also admire greatly the masters of chiaroscuro such as Caravaggio and Vermeer.

Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine 2011      

Pitlochry Festival Theatre    2012         

ArtatCroy (included in)        2013    
Harbour Arts Centre  
7th August -28th September 2015

STAGEDOOR Restaurant: March -April 2016
ArtatCroy (included in) 14th May 2016

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